Arico Caves Retreat

The Ultimate Disconnection Venue To Recharge And Refresh

Workation Retreats

Blend Relaxation and Work

A Workation retreat is to blend relaxation and work in a laid-back environment. It’s perfect for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking corporate teams to leave the bustle of the city to immerse themselves in nature in the name of creativity and productivity. 

Diverse environment

Tenerife boasts a diverse environment, with a sandy resort in the south and a rainforest tropical vibe north. With only a short drive between most nature-filled locations and a strong Wi-Fi connection to a bustling European destination, Tenerife is a great choice for your Workation retreat.

Reignite your passion in unique environments

As your team works across multiple timezones and communicate through WhatsApp, Teams, Slack, Hangouts… the passion can start to waver. As one colleague debates the overuse of exclamation points in an email, other worries when is an appropriate time to turn her Teams status to ‘away’. 

These small differences build, and without a break or a get-together, it’s hard to ensure that your team has the same values and job excitement that you do. Have a brainstorming session after a snorkelling class. Enjoy a presentation whilst tasting local wines. Have a morning of meetings, with an afternoon of free time. 

By combining a small break with work thrown in, you can reignite that passion in one of the most beautiful islands in the world

our workation retreats

Arico Caves

The dramatic contrast between the rugged old and the polished new are these original mountain-dwelling Caves carved out of rock which has been beautifully renovated and developed into a luxury private gated complex perched within the world-class climbing range of the Arico mountains.

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Finca Atogo

This Sprawling Hacienda like Villa has been lovingly built and continually updated from its original caves to include the most versatile team accommodation. With rapid access to the Southern Airport and sun-baked coastline beaches, it is a natural choice for surfers, kitesurfers, beach-lovers.

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Do You Have a Venue?

We are continuously expanding our portfolio and only work with venues that our team has personally visited and meet our standard levels. If your venue is approved, our team will work on presenting your venue to our growing networking of clients.

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Additional Services

With a wealth of registered and certified wellness professionals within our existing network we can offer the additional following services to your retreat

Food & Beverage

Delivered Groceries
Professional Chefs
Bar Supplies
Cooking Classes
Catering Options
Specialised Nutritionist

Wellness Professionals

Yoga Teachers
Massage Therapists
Sports Therapists
Pilates Professionals
Creative Professionals
Dance Classes

Equipment Hire

Computer Equipments
Event Management
Smart Boards
Audio Equipment


Vehical Hire
Limo services
Mini-bus hire
Private driver
Local guide
Luxury cars

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