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Tenerife is a small island packed with a variety of experiences for you and your team to enjoy. A nature wonderland, with year-round good weather, you can organise plenty of adventures to build rapport and create better connections. 

An experience day is for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Tenerife with our trusted guides. Say goodbye to your devices for one day and connect again with nature. Watch your senses come to life one by one, as you remember what the human experience is like.


It’s time to refresh. To connect again

Our Mother Earth,
she is waiting for you


Seeing the breath-taking first view of the sun as it peaks from the horizon, from Mount Teide on your Sunrise Hike


Smelling the humid depths of the Anaga Rainforest, the shrubs, trees, plants and flowers greeting you along the way


Hearing your favourite music, as you cruise along the highway watching the sunset - mountain on one side, ocean on the other.


Feeling the refreshing ocean wash through your scalp, over and under your body. Joining our underwater world of dolphins, fish and turtles.


Tasting the natural foods, fruits and wine of the island. Swirl the tastes within your mouth, feel the texture differences and marvel at the variety. Finish your plate and ask for more.

water activities on tenerife

Tenerife is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. It’s wildly popular for Water Sports such as surfing and kitesurfing, and has volcanic and golden sand, plus natural pools.  You can also enjoy boat trips, fishing excursions, snorkelling, adrenaline activities, and much more.

Popular Water Activity

Whale & Dolphin Cruises

3 hours – 6 hours

Enjoy a Dolphin and Whale cruise with an open bar and food whilst experiencing the beautiful coastline of Tenerife. There is also an opportunity to go swimming and snorkelling.

All these trips are personalised to your team, so you could make a presentation in relation to your group, just an idea.

Whale Watching
Jet Skis
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earth activities on tenerife

The variety of the Tenerife landscape will astound you. We have beaches on one side, a rainforest on the other, a mountain in the middle and a clean ocean all around. For land-based activities, we have Mountain-Biking, 4-Wheeler Tours & Cultural Spanish Activities.

Popular Earth Activity

Teide National Park Hike & Local Farm

8 hours 

Private coach to Mount Teide with a stop for traditional Canarian coffee “Barraquito” and local treats. Guided Tour of Teide along the Roques de Garcia trail – 2.5hour gentle hike with breathtaking views.

Visit to local Alma de Trevejos farm with traditional Canarian lunch and introduction to local history and culture.

Volcano Tours
Jeep Tours
Canarian Culture
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nature activities on tenerife

It’s easy to get absorbed in the beautiful waters that surround Tenerife, however, by turning around, you will truly see the other natural land wonders of the island. Throughout your time here, you can organise sunrise hikes, camping underneath the stars and climbing some of the amazing rock formations that define the landscape.

Popular Nature Activity

Anaga - Wild Coast & Forest

8 hours 

The first stop will be at a traditional Gofio Mill where you will taste famous Canarian desserts whilst seeing the process of making Gofio.

Guided hike through Anaga, known to be a magical forest will surround you with nature. After a fresh local fish lunch we will head to the famous Benijo beach for a swim.

Wild Coastline
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