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Personalised local knowledge with an understanding of what you need



At Your Team Retreat, our utmost priority is you and the venue owners. We have put in place very specific requirements to make sure the venues as much as yourself match to suit each other’s expectations.


The Your Team Retreat team only came together due to their experience, connections and knowledge of the island. Two individuals with over 30 years combined in the island, with a large range of experience in it. The knowledge spread far in the skill sets needed to organise your team’s retreat.


Work & Play.
We work relentlessly to make sure your retreat is everything you expected, if not more. We recognise that a retreat is a personalised event and we make sure that it feels that way. As at Your Team Retreat, we believe that the end goal is defined by the small details.


Your Team Retreat was born after the ongoing frustrations of impersonalised procedures and platforms providing no real personal communication. You will be appointed one point of contact who will deliver and manage everything and anything your retreat needs to be perfect.


Our team is made up of two local business-savvy entrepreneurs that have called Tenerife home for many years. Marina and Claire were digital nomads before there even was digital nomads – they have both settled in Tenerife and opened their own co-living spaces designed for remote workers and adventurers. 

They boast rebookings and flawless reviews of their spaces:

Over the years they have further built their knowledge of the variety of remote work around the world, consistently improving their spaces to service them. Your Team Retreat was born when they discussed the ever-growing requests from companies who wanted to rent their entire space. Putting a call-out to their local friends and the spaces available on the island, they have now provided Your Team Retreat to businesses who want a break. 


Expect personalised local knowledge with an understanding of what you need for your team.

Marina and Claire will bring a once-in-lifetime retreat experience to you and your company through Your Team Retreat.


Marina is the founder & owner of Amarilla - Community, Coliving, Coworking a 5-star coliving experience located in the South of Tenerife. The space is renowned for its comfortable and peaceful living, alongside its regular meetups, courses and classes, it’s frequently booked out throughout the year. Marina was born in Tenerife and has spent years travelling internationally before returning to her home country.

After roles within Corporate Marketing in London and relocating to live the remote life in Bali, her corporate experience, event managing and planning has transferred extremely well to her island life, and she’s proud to be the owner of a thriving and active remote working community in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Claire is a barefoot traveller turned corporate superwoman who stepped down from her Californian career in corporate HR for a simpler life in Tenerife. Her project management history helped her launch 2 businesses locally, and helped bring a non-profit organisation to life to help the local community. She continues to support the creative, surf, wellness and remote work communities through events, networking and her international connections and resources.

Claire has an absolute in-depth local knowledge and passion for the island’s secret hidden spots, with a huge desire to encourage and grow the reputation of Tenerife as a retreat haven. She’s finally responded to the demand and has now provided Your Team Retreat as a seamless retreat solution service for teams all around the world.

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Connect with us with your enquiries, your team size, any concerns and what you’d like to achieve. Our team provides personalised, local knowledge that will help you build your itinerary. We will answer any questions timely and ensure you’re as excited about the retreat as we are!

Complete our necessary forms and paperwork. We know admin isn’t the most fun thing in the world – but it’s gotta be done. In this post-pandemic world, health and safety have become more prominent than ever. Our paperwork ensures all the boxes are crossed before you arrive and relax.

Arrive in Tenerife! Tenerife South airport is serviced by most European airlines and is anywhere from 20-40 minutes from any of our retreats. It is well-equipped and serviced by Taxies and Local Buses. Please remember to check COVID guidelines before you arrive.

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